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GRAN MAGNESIO, the mineral for your wellbeing.

It guarantees prompt availability and the satisfaction of Magnesium daily requirements.

The various and most common symptoms of Magnesium deficiency are: inexplicable tiredness; irritability, bad mood, nervousness; tendency to tensions, rigidity, muscle soreness and night awakening with lower limbs cramps.
The formula of Gran Magnesio with liposomial/sucrosomial Magnesium & 3 Magnesium salts can foster a correct absorption in the face of the daily nutritional requirements.

The liposomial/sucrosomial microencapsulation technology guarantees:

  • maximum absorption
  • excellent tolerability
  • no interaction with other nutrients.


It favors physiological defenses

Formulated to promote our own physiological defences against allergic processes induced by different origins. The action of the exclusive patented phytocomplex used is related to the possibility to act as a stabilizer of the cellular membranes…